This is an easy-to-update button, but it’s geared towards products. They only need to enter the PayPal URL.



This is harder to update, but would correctly be a donate button with a donation amount field on PayPal. The link needs to be pulled from their PayPal account.

  • Go to the Business Setup Center
  • Scroll to Online Payments, click “Create a payment button”.
  • Choose Donations from the dropdown
  • Fill in the other fields
  • DO NOT check the box next to any of the customization options, like drop-down menus or text fields. If you select any of those checkboxes, you’ll generate a button that you won’t be able to use on
  • Click Create Button
  • Copy the code from the “Email” tab, not “Website”
  • Copy the following code where you want the button, and replace “URL” with the code from PayPal

Donate Button

Donate Button